Graduate Program Liaisons

School of Creative and Performing Arts
Master of Arts in Art
Matt DeFord

Master of Music
Dr. Dennette McDermott


Department of Psychology
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Cynthia Lindsey


Department of Health & Human Performance
Master of Science in Health and Human Performance
Dr. Michael Moulton


Department of Teaching, Learning, and Counseling
Master of Education degrees in C&I, ECE, EDL, ETEC and SPED
Master of Arts in Teaching degrees in ECE, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary and SPED
Add-on certification programs in School Library Service, Early Interventionist (SPED) and Mild-Moderate (SPED)
Master of Arts in Adult Education (Continuing Education and Technology Management)
Master of Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education
Master of Arts in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling)
Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership and Instruction (EDL, ETEC and SPED)
Dr. Kimberly McAlister


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
Dr. Michelle Brunson


Department of English, Foreign Languages and Cultural Studies
Master of Arts in English

Dr. Sarah McFarland


Department of Criminal Justice, History, and Social Sciences
Master of Art in Adult Education (Homeland Security)
Master of Science in Homeland Security

Mr. Joe Morris


Department of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Practice
Dr. Connie Hale


Department of Radiologic Sciences
Master of Science in Radiologic Science
Dr. Laura Aaron